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Hire Dedicated Web Developers

Cutting to your chase...Hire a dedicated developer at affordable prices


Easy on Pockets


On-time Delivery

Why should you hire a dedicated developer?

Fact: A dedicated web developer is a missing link in your business chain.

Why work in conventional team models when you can handpick talents to work for you? Sounds like a plan?

A dedicated resource will offer constant support with a single point of contact. With India rising as an IT superpower in the world, the cost factors are no longer a constraint. Our vast talent pool allows us to accommodate projects of all sizes at prices that won't put a hole in your pockets. Check out our detailed offerings below:

What we have to offer?

Webvillee is a talent pool where you can interview and select resource which suits your needs. Whether you need a cool designer or a geeky developer with exceptional skills, we are your first resort. We have been the fascinating talent pool for almost a decade now.

We offer the years of experience that we gathered with you at affordable prices.

Don’t get caught under a heap of curriculum vitae, are they vital enough to lose sleep on or extend your vitamin intake for? (pun intended)

What to do then?


To us.

We will carefully analyze your requirements and offer our best match resource to take the pitch for you. You can carefully monitor while they work for your goals. Isn’t it the best deal?

You make your team by picking the best players (web developers) out there.

You can interview them for skills; you can assess their performance and reinstate goals. (we are agile)

We provide end-to-end support and services to keep your project on track. After several iterations over the years, we have developed a mechanism that works! Hiring and managing a dedicated resource was never this easy.

We have a highly motivated team of programmers, developers, designers, and testing professionals, well-versed with the trends and tools. No exaggeration, these people are the masters of their skills! As someone said, ‘work speaks for itself!’

work / Web projects

Web projects completed

Our qualified and conditioned team of professionals is the backbone of our work culture. Have a look at the range of the brilliant mobile app design and development work delivered by us.


Why hire dedicated resources from Webvillee?

If you are quickly scanning, here is the list of what makes us the ‘best choice’ for you. :)

  • A talent pool of highly skilled professionals from diverse fields to choose from
  • Flexible hiring models customized for you
  • We are available round the clock
  • Latest tools and infrastructure available
  • We are your secret-keepers (NDA compliant)
  • Our deadlines are before yours (On-time delivery)
  • We respect your budget (no cost escalations after approval)
  • We will send you the progress reports regularly
  • Developers are your point of contact (100% transparency)
  • We are geeks with good English (strong communication skills)
  • We use to best practices for development
  • We use GIT :)

Skilled professionals


Progress Report

NDA compliant

Timely delivery

Excellent communication skills

100% transparency


Customer support

What type of developers do you wish to hire?

Hire dedicated E-Commerce Developers

We are here with a highly skilled talent pool of e-commerce resources. Let us take care of your online business.

Hire Wordpress Developers

We help you do wonders with the Wordpress’ insightful plugins, widgets, and unique themes. Reach the hearts of millions with our dedicated Wordpress developers.

Hire dedicated Python Developers

Choose us as your talent partner as we offer a highly qualified team of Python developers at your disposal.

Hire dedicated React Developers

Hire a dedicated React resource and get your product customized as per your needs.

Hire dedicated Angular Developers

We offer resources for the most complicated jobs out there. Ask for details.

Hire dedicated Continuous Integration (CI), Developers

Have the best CI developers on your team at minimum prices.

Hire dedicated PHP Developers

PHP developers are working round the clock for you with timely project progression reports.


Your dedicated web developer will be your direct point of contact for smooth and straight communication. Also, you will receive a regular progress report to track the performance and provide feedback.
This almost never happens! If you have issues with the current dedicated resource, we try to fix the issues and get your project up and running. If the issue continues, we will replace the resource with no additional cost.
The frequency is decided mutually at the beginning of the project. You can ask for an interim report, if necessary.
In such a situation, we will replace the resource for you at no additional costs.
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